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Leading Edge Institute was formed in 1995 to offer a training program for Aircraft and Automotive Detailers.

So far we have trained over 375 Entrepreneurs, FBO’s, Flight Departments and Pilots from all over the world, to learn the fine art of Aircraft/Automotive Cosmetic Detailing.

For this effort I dedicate this forum to understanding the art of cosmetic detailing and building a discussion of interests, concerns and helpful information to those in the detail business or thinking of getting into the business.

The National Aircraft/Automotive Detailers Association has been formed to support those involved in the day-to-day activities of the Detail Industry.

More information will be forthcoming on how to join the association and what benefits will be available to the members.

Please feel free to comment on any activity in the detailing industry.

Recently on an Aircraft Cosmetics Detail School web site, the question was asked   “why would you want to have an Aircraft/Automotive Detailer teach you the art of Aircraft Cosmetic Detailing”. Well let me answer that question since I am one of those Aircraft/Automotive Detail Instructors. Ever go into a hanger to clean an aircraft only to find automobiles parked next to it where the neighbors plane usually parks? Eighty percent of all Aircraft Detailers and FBO’s offer some kind of automotive detail service to their Aircraft clients. Mabey just a simple wash, or an outside/inside complete detail with a wax or paint sealant application.

Thats revenue that the Detail Business owner or the FBO does not want to pass up.

More Aircraft Detail Companies are offering Auto Detail Services to their clients then ever before. If you need any Automotive Detail training, or just want to ask a question , just leave a comment or logon to www.leadingedgeinstitute.com and contact me.

I Look forward to your reviews, questions and general impressions of the leadingedgeinstitute Blog. Thanks for stopping by.

Richard Needham


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